Steve Shaw Training Approach

The Steve Shaw Training material and courses are certainly the Best in the Business. They are the best because we offer a value-based approach to everything. We teach the service advisor how to present value to a customer. We also present simple processes and word tracks for the service advisor to gain the customers permission. This allows the consumer to buy from you. The advisor plays the role of an advocate, presents the facts and gets out of the way for a customer to make a maintenance or repair purchase.

"I sold 3 Major Services the 1st Day After Training, it was like butter!"
- Shelby, Subaru Service Advisor Cheyenne Washington

"Steve has made me a believer in Creating the Need"
- Bob Cawley, Fixed Operations Director, Horne Auto Group

“When a service advisor uses the MPI Pass / Fail Approach, customers become buyers”
- John Schnepp, Fixed Operations Director, Crown Automotive Group

2018 Highlights

  • Over 1000 Service Advisors Trained in-class!
  • Countless Individual Dealerships Trained
  • Countless Technicians Trained (MPI Pass - Fail Approach)
  • Countless Service Advisors Trained Online
  • 1000 Books Sold Benchmark
  • Exclusive Fixed Operations Trainer for Zurich North America

 2017 Highlights

  • Over 600 Service Advisors Trained in class
  • Over 150 Individual Dealerships Trained
  • Over 1000 Service Advisors Trained Online
  • Over 500 Books Sold
  • Countless Technicians Trained (MPI Pass - Fail Approach)

2016 Highlights

  • Master of the Waiting Room Published
  • Hundreds of Fixed Operations Professionals Trained in class, online and on the drive…

The Reference List Goes ON and ON over 10 Years...Feel free to request more information. CONTACT US