Shaw-Zurich NA collaboration offers service advisor training to auto dealers nationwide

Jul 31st 2018

Insurance and consultative training provider Zurich North America is now in its first month collaborating with a noted author, speaker and trainer to offer service adviser training to its menu of options provided to U.A. auto dealers, according to a recent press release.

Steve Shaw, author of "Master of the Waiting Room: The Professional Service Adviser Sales Approach", has already embarked on the schedule of classes throughout the country expected to continue well into the rest of the year, according to the Zurich North America press release. Shaw has trained thousands of service personnel for almost a quarter century and his service adviser training program is used by dealerships worldwide to increase service selling power.

"We are very excited to expand into the service adviser training arena," Vince Santivasi, head of Direct Markets for Zurich North America, was quoted in the press release. "The service adviser plays a vital role within an auto dealership, and Zurich has recognized a growing demand for consistent service training among our customers. This new collaboration with Steve Shaw offers service advisers a consistent process and the necessary tools to help dealerships maximize their profits in the service lane."

The training is specially designed to "help enhance processes, improve repair order performance and motivate service advisers," the press release said. "Training topics to be presented include why customers buy, multipoint inspections selling system, creating presentations, and menu selling among others."

The collaboration is reaching out to dealers in the industry who will benefit from what the training has to offer, Shaw said in the press release.

"Working hand-in-hand with Zurich, we are creating more opportunities for dealers to increase the bottom lines of their service centers," he said. "Dealerships that have fully implemented my training and selling system have seen a typical increase of .2-.5 labor hours per repair order."

Zurich North America is one of the nation's largest providers of finance and insurance products and consultative training for auto dealerships.

"Zurich's expansion into service adviser training is just the latest offering in our training curriculum," Santivasi said. "Our customers have asked for multiple training platforms and we are delivering with in-person seminars, on-site in the dealership, and online opportunities to add value for our automotive dealer customers."

The new collaboration schedule got underway earlier this month.

For a complete class schedule including sessions near you visit the link below: